The company of gas and thermal installations in Constanta, TermoGaz, having a vast experience in the field of gas installations as well as a varied portfolio, needed an upgrade in the 21st century with a website to present the services.

Through the website, we have highlighted their care for the safety and compliance with the norms in the design and construction of gas installations. This domain demands a high level of responsibility as a small mistake can be catastrophic.

Particular seriou...

Website prezentare servicii instalatii gaze si instalatii termice

Cofetaria Dulce Maria

The Dulce Maria confectionery project is a sweet business model based on some original recipes of cakes and cakes, and the main ingredients are purchased only from certain certified producers in Constanta.

The website and the logo were created by us. Together with the initiators of the business, we have established the message that will be transmitted through the graph and the elements that will be present.

So I created a website for you to lick it.


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Presentation website - Cofetaria Dulcemaria - Portfolio

The project, through the b2b platform, is meant to bring the markets from SADC countries closer to European markets and, why not, around the world. The South African countries where ProSADC is present are: Angola, Botswana, Democratic Republic of Congo, Lesotho, Madagascar, Malawi, Mauritius, Mozambique, Namibia, Seychelles, South Africa, Swaziland, United Republic of Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Thus, besides the commercial aspect, t...

The B2B portal

The job-based online job application was born as a result of the growing demand for services and workforce in the SADC developing countries (South Africa).

Thus is among the top 3 profile sites and number 1 as a development in this area. More than 15,000 CVs and 3,000 job vacancies (not all assets), the number of bids and the ever-increasing demand for the workforce are now enrolled in the system.

As internet development in this area is just beginning, the transfer spe...

Project - job portal

Florin Bucur is a photographer specialized in weddings and private events in Constanta, very attentive to details and with much experience.

Although our point is not photography, we have learned something from him as a result of his collaboration, things that will be used in our activity in the future. So, we can say that in this project I won twice more.

The presentation website wanted him as simple as possible, to highlight his work. What we proposed and achieved was something simple but...

Website de prezentare fotograf nunta si evenimente -

Bazar de Constanta is a project that has been on paper in a drawer for over 4 years. After a discussion at a beer (as we have been drafting ideas while drinking beer or vice versa) with an old client and friend, the project ideas came out of the archive and become what today is the Bazaar of Constanta.

Bazar de Constanta is a free classified ads site that targets all kind of ads in the Constanta county. Why only in Constanta County? Mo...

Classifieds website - - v2

The Karate Dojo Ken Club promotes Shotokan style as a self-defence technique but also as a sport.

It was born out of a shared passion of the three founding members who practised this type of sport through perseverance and dedication, until one day when they began to have students themselves to guide them in this discipline.

I was proud to create the presentation website as a donation, the club representatives offering all the information we needed and feedback on time.

Presentation Website - Dojoken Karate Club - Portfolio

Casa Ecogalia sells roofing systems, building materials, and attic windows.

Having a presentation site with attractive graphics, computer cover, and SEO, our proposal also came with a management module, and after studying the field of activity and their offer, we made the initial graphic proposal, care after small changes to the customer's requirements, has become what today is

The project with eCommerce

This online store was created for a door manufacturer in Constanta, along with all the additional creations that complete the site.

The customer wanted something different for the presentation of the products, so we have proposed that the photo gallery of products be interactive (door spinning), product printing and other visual effects.

So I paid more attention to making photos, installing a small photo studio at the customer's workplace with a tripod, lights, etc.

After comp...

The website and eCommerce