Prin intermediul website-ului de prezentare , firma Transcar Logistics Tranzit S.R.L., isi promoveaza imaginea si serviciile potentialilor clienti.

S-a dorit un website simplu, rapid de implementat si cu cat mai multe sugestii, astfel ca incepand de la culori si pana la pozele folosite, totul are o semnificatie.

Presentation website - - Portfolio

The website introduces for the first time in Constanta, ironing services for people with limited time in these times.

With a consistent promotion budget, has taken place on all media channels in Constanta: internet, radio, and TV reaching its intended purpose.

The online project, that is the presentation and SEO site was assigned to us.

The platform behind the site allows you to configure prices, product categories, and discounts (by volume and free sh...

Website + eCommerce

LED technology is known to be much more efficient and reliable than conventional (filament) lighting technologies, because light is mainly produced by photoelectric effect when passing through a semiconductor, compared to obtaining light as a result of heating a filament.

The online led store,, sells LED products for both domestic and industrial use and public lighting.

Online led products store - - Portfolio

The online store sells through the internet rims and car tires, accessories, but also presents the service and assembly services that the company provides.

At the top of the site (in the header), we created an animation with a car that suggests efficient braking due to the quality tires. In winter, in snowy animation.

Online store - - Portfolio

Tomis typography is a typography with a tradition in Constanta, beginning its activity in 1994 in the field of publications and printing.

Being contemporary with other times, they asked for something simple and fast, just for presentation.

Website de prezentare - - Portofoliu

The Lettered Papers project is a presentation site for US clients, dealing with writing academic papers, papers, college admissions, and all of the US higher education environment.

Great distance between us was not an obstacle in communication. We adjusted the time devoted to discussions with their local time (between 17 and 21 pm GMT), we used intensely for Skype allows calls and we could hear, and email messages as one of us was offline. Presentation Website - Academic papers in the US

Confectionery Clara

The Confectionery Clara project was a sweet experiment of authentic Romanian business.

Having in the heart of the business 2 original recipes of tortures, along with some other assortments of cakes and cakes used to sustain the business until it gains notoriety on the market in Constanta, Clara Confectionery has embarked on this adventure with confidence in its own strengths.

The website and the logo were created by us. Together with the initiators of the business, we have established the m...

Presentation website - Constanta confectionery - Clara confectionery

Photographer Iulian Mila offers photo / video services for weddings, baptisms and private events, in Constanta, the portfolio being published on the website presentation.

The photo gallery was created in the style wall, using a care script arranges and modifies the position to fit the frame.

Presentation website - - Portfolio

The online newspaper,, was born from the initiative of correct information about readers, policies without influence and equidistant, while in the care of almost all the press in Romania is the political servant.

The platform contains advertising modules (banner-rotator) is specialized for an online newspaper, in the present continuous over 80 000 articles.

Being specially designed for a large amount of information, the pages of the news...

Online newspaper portal -

The collaboration with Laguna Residence was of average duration, throughout the summer season 2012, and included various projects for promoting events, flyers, posters, video production, virtual tour, etc.

To promote the program by the pool, in a club atmosphere, Laguna Residence was the only location in the resort of Mamaia that transmitted live on the internet that year. The refreshments, the good music, the beautiful girls and the attractive pool, made the work at the office quite difficult tha...

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