Year 2012
  • Javascript+jQuery
  • Linux webhosting
  • Contracting
  • Graphic creation
  • Website creation
  • CRM and FlexMLS API implement
  • Delivery
  • SEO & Promotions
Visit Project

The real estate portal behind the project offers increased support for publishing real estate offers on the agency's website.

It can be uploaded an unlimited number of photos and offers.

The offers introduced in the real estate portal, can have a very large number of details after which you can search: the number of rooms, building type, land surface, street opening land, utilities, etc.

The functionality of the site is very simple, the users can request a view of the offer from a maximum of 4 steps: search, view the offer, click on "I am interested in the offer", fill in minimum information (name, email, telephone). So simple!

The contact page used the Google Maps module to quickly locate the agency on the map as well as a QR code for smartphone owners.

The website automatically retrieve the exchange rate.

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