Year 2012
  • HTML & CSS3
  • PHP & Mysql
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Linux webhosting
  • Contracting
  • Branding
  • Website creation
  • Live transmission
Visit Project

The collaboration with Laguna Residence was of average duration, throughout the summer season 2012, and included various projects for promoting events, flyers, posters, video production, virtual tour, etc.

To promote the program by the pool, in a club atmosphere, Laguna Residence was the only location in the resort of Mamaia that transmitted live on the internet that year. The refreshments, the good music, the beautiful girls and the attractive pool, made the work at the office quite difficult that summer, the computer work schedule being shortened as much as possible.

For the Laguna Residence clients, we created the customer cards, printed on plastic media by us.

For live streaming on the Internet, we used an HD webcam and a revolutionary streaming technique at the time, which did not involve a very high bandwidth, proportional to the number of viewers. Through a regular connection, the transmission was made to a cloud, then this cloud, handles the transmission further to the end-users from multiple transmission points on the client's Facebook page and on the site. The technique is widely used today by Youtube and Facebook.

At the same time, we also took care of promoting Kmy's club, a modern wedding salon, which belongs to all our clients.

All the graphic creations published on this page, are only a small part of everything that has been worked, the rest are just unpublished graphic proposals and are only in our archive.

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