Year 2014
  • HTML5+CSS3
  • Javascript+jQuery
  • Linux webhosting
  • Contracting
  • Graphic creation
  • Real estate portal create
  • Implement multilingual mode
  • Delivery
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The real estate website platform, built by Websea Development, is specially designed for real estate agencies, to publish their offers in the online environment.

Thus, the administration module is as simple as possible, in Romanian language, very clear and structured information, in which an atheistic person (the secretaries), easily manages.

In addition to the integrated Google Maps contact page and QR code for the GPS navigator, the website is also adapted for mobile devices and tablets.

Sending real estate offers or requests to the agency is done through a simple form in which the client selects what kind of real estate offers / search, number of rooms and comfort for apartments, and any other details he considers necessary. If he has an offer, he can also introduce pictures, but not necessarily, the pictures are usually redone by the company agents, when viewing, to be professionally made.

Entering pictures for offers is done by selecting an entire folder of photos in 2 clicks. There is no limit to photos or offers entered.

The platform is implemented in Romanian, English and Italian, and the secretary can hear offers in all three languages. The rest of the elements of the website, being translated by us, the platform automatically updating the entire page for which the translation into another language is required.

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